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Welcome To Danneel Ackles Online, the ultimate source for American actress Danneel Ackles. Danneel is best known for her role as Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill, as well as Sara Maxwell in Friends With Benefits. Our site is the most comprehensive online, featuring over 30,000 files and also hosting a selection of videos, graphics and articles. Bookmark for regular updates!

What’s in a Name?

Full of mercy and grace
Origin: The Hebrew language
Pronunciation: ‘El-tah

Meaning: God is my judge. An alternate form of “Danielle” or feminine form of “Daniel” in Hebrew. Also believed to be a name of American origin meaning “champion”.
Origin: The name Danneel is very likely a(n) Hebrew variant of the name Daneil.
Pronunciation: Variations include ‘Dah-neel’ and ‘Duh-neel

Meaning: One who was easily frightened.
Origin: Scotland

Researched by Jenna.

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