Welcome To Danneel Ackles Online, the ultimate source for American actress Danneel Ackles. Danneel is best known for her role as Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill, as well as Sara Maxwell in Friends With Benefits. She currently stars in Supernatural as Anael. Our site is the most comprehensive online, featuring over 40,000 files and also hosting a selection of videos, graphics and articles. Bookmark for regular updates!
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Admin: Jenna

I started this site in 2013 after firstly beginning with a Tumblr blog. I’ve been a fan of Danneel for a number of years but was never quite active in my following until around 2012, on social media. 

I enjoy working on my fansites, fangirling about Danneel, attempting to make food and also craftmaking!

Member: Rose

I became a fan of Danneel after watching Ten Inch Hero. I am so thrilled to be part of Fans For Danneel staff, it’s fun and exciting for me!