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Posted by Jenna

We are very happy and excited to show off our brand new designs and features/sections to the site! Firstly we have new main site and gallery themes that we hope you will love.

site gallery

Secondly we have created two brand new sections to FFD; Quotes and Fashion! Instead of having them all located in various pages on the site, we thought it would be more exciting to have them completely separate and with awesome designs too!

On the quotes section, you can submit your own quotes that you find in relation to Danneel. These can include character quotes, quotes about Jensen, her life, her career and more. View the categories here.

In the fashion section, there shall be regular posts created in relation to Danneel’s style and beauty. However this is not a dress like blog per se. Dress Like Danneel is still very much the number one and main resource for that. Fashion… is just a fun section to highlight her fashion and articles such as Style clashes, repeated outfits etc.

quotes fashion

I also decided to completely rewrite Danneel’s biography – it is more more informative and detailed, highlighting many of Danneel’s career movies, personal life and general trivia about her life.

Other rewrites of certain pages include the famous co-stars section; it is now in the form of a slideshow that I think will be very handy and quick for followers to read. On top of looking out for many more slideshows, you can also look out for regular, possibly weekly, random articles. These will be informative posts, just for fun and to also keep the site active on a regular basis. With Danneel currently taking a small break from acting, it’s still nice to read things about her career in general. Our first post will be about her history with Maxim!

Lastly I have updated multiple images in the gallery with HQ ones and also added screencaps of various event videos. You can find them via the gallery (you can also view pages 1-11 on the last uploads for quicker viewing!)

On one last note, I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Advent Calender for 2015, and there are many more surprises to come!