Welcome to Danneel Ackles Online, your largest resource dedicated to the American actress, model and businesswoman Danneel Ackles. Best known for her roles in Supernatural, One Tree Hill and movies such as the Harold & Kumar series, Danneel has been acting since 2003. Although her acting has been limited in the past number of years while raising a family, she has since begun other ventures including setting up The Family Business Beer Company & Chaos Machine Productions with husband Jensen Ackles, as well as her jewellery collection with Limbo Jewelry. Please bookmark our site for the latest updates, news and images on Danneel's career and thank you for supporting us!
Jul 26, 2022
News: Danneel Ackles Online Is Back!

Last year I made the decision to close Danneel Ackles Online due to time constraints and pressure to post. This year our website celebrated 9 years online, with our tumblr and twitter celebrating 10 years being active in posting about Danneel. I genuinely never thought that I would be blogging this length of time and even though it pained me, I decided to close the site.

Being truthfully honest, being a Danneel fan is different now. There are blogs and accounts out there who are able to post seemingly 24/7 about Danneel, something that I cannot keep up with. Therefore I had a great amount of pressure on myself to be quick and post everything. Now I know I cannot do that so I will be posting as frequently as I can, especially with events that Danneel may or may not attend.

Before I get into the update, I just want to thank everyone for helping keep DAO active for so long, it really means a lot. I’d also like to thank Gratrix Designs for the new website and gallery designs – don’t they look wonderful? If you check out our Tumblr, you’ll see new designs on that too. For the pages on the website and tumblr, I am working on these so expect updates over the coming months.

During the year that the site has been offline, of course I missed a lot of posts. Many things happened, including Danneel and Jensen working on their first major project for Chaos Machine Productions; The Winchesters. They appeared at the CW Upfronts, and are now filming their first full season. Danneel also appeared in livestreams with Briona Jenkins and also the Drama Queens Podcast.

We also got a brand new Danneel photoshoot for Valentine’s Austin, one of my absolute favourite photoshoots of her.

Below is a taster of the updates but I do thoroughly recommend that you check out the full gallery as I made many updates.

Thank you!



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Jun 30, 2021
Gallery Update: New Instagram Picture of Danneel

Today a new picture of Danneel was posted on Instagram by @cameronsilver. Danneel is currently in Colorado with her family while Jensen is still away filming The Boys. In the picture, she is wearing items from Aquarius Cocktail from Decades LA boutique, owned by Cameron.

I have added the image to the gallery, which was posted on IG with this caption:

Thank you Telluride!⁣ Next stop Aspen with @atlasfine_
#Telluride #SustainableFashion #MakingNewFriends #DanneelAckles in @aquariuscocktail@kkibo.jo from @decadesinc


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Jun 29, 2021
Gallery Update: Newspaper Scans Added To The Gallery

You know I aim to be the most comprehensive website dedicated to Danneel’s career and recently I was able to collect a bunch of old newspaper scans ranging from 2004 all the way to 2021. I hope in the future I can make another update like this as it is quite fun to see how Danneel’s professional career has come so far.

Please if you are posting these elsewhere, give credit to Danneel Ackles Online and do not reupload to your own gallery!

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Jun 22, 2021
Social Media: Danneel Celebrates Pride On Instagram

Today Danneel posted a beautiful picture of herself, Justice, Zeppelin and Arrow to show their support for Pride. For those who are unaware, the whole month of June is known as Pride month which celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community, which Danneel and Jensen have long supported.

Below is the caption she attached with the image:

Happy Pride! 🌈 Our family is celebrating the values we hold true all year. Inclusion, Diversity, and Love. We strive to always give acceptance to those around us. We honor all of those in the LGBTQIA community. To our friends, work colleagues and family members…we love you! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

We are pleased to support @outyouth this month. They have been doing the work for 31 years to provide a place for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel safe, loved, acknowledged, and excepted for exactly who they are.

#pride #pridemonth 🌈 #prideeveryday

I have added family photo to the gallery, and you can also see it directly on Danneel’s Instagram here.

Gallery - News

Jun 21, 2021
Social Media: Danneel Celebrates Father’s Day

Today, the 20th June 2021, is Father’s Day around the world and Danneel just made a post on Instagram to celebrate the day for Jensen. Jensen is currently separated from Danneel, Justice, Zeppelin and Arrow as he is currently filming his new role in The Boys.

Below is the Instagram post that Danneel made and I have also added these images to the gallery.

Gallery - News

Jul 5, 2020
New Women & Their Work Photoshoot Added

I added these to the gallery quite a while ago but I am only now creating a post for them!

Danneel was supposed to be attending the Flight of Fancy Bash a few months ago but unfortunately the current pandemic meant they had to cancel it. Instead they published this photoshoot that Danneel took part in, and was shot by Alexandra Vanderhider.

I have added these pictures to the gallery!



Who Is Danneel?

Danneel Ackles is an American actress and model born on the 18th March 1979 in Louisiana. Born Elta Danneel Graul, she then changed her name to Danneel Harris for the purposes of modelling. Starting of her career, she modelled for brands such as Big Sexy Hair and Juicy Jeans. In 2003 she landed her first big role as Shannon McBain in the American soap drama One Life to Live. The following year she made a brief appearance in the movie short, The Plight of Clownana and left One Life to Live. Read More

Latest Projects
  • Chaos Machine Productions
    Chaos Machine Productions Est. 2020
    In 2020, Danneel and Jensen established their own production company. They currently have some works in the pipeline, of which these shall be reported on here when details become available.
  • The Winchesters
    The Winchesters 2022
    Executive Producer
    Filming S1
    An epic untold love story of John and Mary of how they not only saved their love but also the entire world.
  • The Family Business Beer Company
    The Family Business Beer Company 2018 - Present
    In 2018, Danneel and Jensen opened their new venture, a beer brewery business named after a line in Jensen's TV show Supernatural. Alongside her brother Gino and head brewer Nate Seale, they are based in Texas.
  • Limbo Jewelry
    Limbo Jewelry 2019 - Present
    Available to Purchase
    In 2019 Danneel's collection with Limbo Jewelry, titled the "Link Collection" was released. Since then new items such as earrings, necklaces and rings have been added to the collection.
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