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Welcome to Danneel Ackles Online, your largest resource dedicated to the American actress, model and businesswoman Danneel Ackles. Best known for her roles in Supernatural as Anael, Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill and movies such as the Harold & Kumar series, Danneel has been acting since 2003. Although her acting has been limited in the past number of years while raising a family, she has since begun other ventures including setting up The Family Business Beer Company with husband Jensen Ackles, as well as her jewellery collection with Limbo Jewelry. Please bookmark our site for the latest updates, news and images on Danneel's career and thank you for supporting us!
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  • Posted on July 05, 2020 / by Jenna in 2020, March 2020, Photoshoot

    I added these to the gallery quite a while ago but I am only now creating a post for them!

    Danneel was supposed to be attending the Flight of Fancy Bash a few months ago but unfortunately the current pandemic meant they had to cancel it. Instead they published this photoshoot that Danneel took part in, and was shot by Alexandra Vanderhider.

    I have added these pictures to the gallery!


    Home > Photoshoots > 2020 > Set 002

    Posted on July 05, 2020 / by Jenna in 2020, May 2020, Photoshoot

    Celebrating Mother’s Day and First Responders during the current crisis, Limbo Jewelry posted two images of a new photoshoot that Danneel has done for the jewellery brand. As we know, she took part in a collaboration to create the “Link Collection“.

    I have added these two images to the gallery, and I hope we get more!

    Home > Photoshoots > 2020 > Set 001

    Posted on June 03, 2020 / by Jenna in 2020, May 2020, Photoshoot

    While browsing around on the internet, I managed to find some portraits of the photoshoot that Danneel did for her Limbo Jewelry collection in better, HQ sizes. I have added these to the gallery, which you can find via the link below! I also managed to find UHQ shots of the Ackles family posing for their Architectural Digest shoot, which you can find also linked below.

    I am slowly replacing a lot of images in the gallery with HQ versions so please bear with me as I do this. Also a massive thank you for all the support in the gallery; can you believe we have over 1.2 million views!

    Home > Photoshoots >2019 > Set 001


    Home > Photoshoots >2018 > Set 007

    Posted on January 05, 2020 / by Jenna in 2020, January 2020, Photoshoot

    While searching on the Limbo Jewelry website, I came across HQ photos of Danneel that had been posted before in a lower quality. These were taken as part of the promotion and announcement of Danneel’s collaboration with the brand.

    I have added these to the gallery.

    002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

    HOME > PHOTOSHOOTS > 2019 > SET 002

    Posted on September 03, 2019 / by Jenna in 2019, Photoshoot, September 2019

    Of course as I do a lot, I spent some time searching for images of Danneel and I found these previously unposted image from a photoshoot that Danneel and the Family Business Beer Company crew did when they first opened.

    I have added this image to the gallery.

    011.jpg 011.jpg 011.jpg 011.jpg

    HOME > PHOTOSHOOTS > 2018 > SET 004

    Posted on August 01, 2019 / by Jenna in 2019, Photoshoot

    It’s rare to get new Danneel photoshoots but a while back Danneel did a small shoot with Black and Gold. They recently uploaded 2 new images of Danneel to their Instagram page.

    I have added these to the gallery.

    007.jpg 008.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg

    HOME > PHOTOSHOOTS > 2018 > SET 005

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