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Posted by Jenna


I have tweeted Christie Wills for clarification of this, but while checking online and my own TV guide, I stumbled upon a listing for Baby Bootcamp airing in the UK. Details are as follows:

Baby Boot Camp (2014)


A pregnant woman visits a support network of parents to seek their advice on how to prepare for the challenges of motherhood. One of the group is a single father, whom she starts to realise could be the man for her and the perfect dad for her baby.


Julia – Danneel Ackles 
Scott – Kavan Smith  
Phil – Ryan McDonell 
Gwen – Miranda Frigon  
Carla – Jill Morrison 
Melissa – Cuthbert Eliza Faria 
Jeremy – Peter Benson 
Charlotte – Jena Skodje

Airdate (Please note I have no idea if America has the station Movies 24. If not, this airdate only applies to the UK and possibly Ireland)

Tuesday 1st April ~ 9:00 pm ~ Movies 24

Tuesday 1st April ~ 10:00 pm ~ Movies 24+

Wednesday 2nd April ~ 11:00 pm ~Movies 24

Thursday 3rd April ~ 12:00 am ~ Movies 24+