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Welcome to Danneel Ackles Online, your largest resource dedicated to the American actress, model and businesswoman Danneel Ackles. Best known for her roles in Supernatural as Anael, Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill and movies such as the Harold & Kumar series, Danneel has been acting since 2003. Although her acting has been limited in the past number of years while raising a family, she has since begun other ventures including setting up The Family Business Beer Company with husband Jensen Ackles, as well as her jewellery collection with Limbo Jewelry. Please bookmark our site for the latest updates, news and images on Danneel's career and thank you for supporting us!
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  • Posted on April 03, 2015 / by Jenna / in Uncategorized

    Fans For Danneel, fansfordanneel,Danneel Ackles, Danneel Harris, Danneel Ackles fansite, danneel harris fansite

    I apologise for the long time that the site has been on maintenance. Between college and being sick, I’ve not had a lot of time to prepare the site for reopening, but now I am and with newly added features!

    First of all I hope you all love and enjoy our new site theme. I wanted something that was very different from previous versions, and I was very happy with the result. Tweet us to let us know what you think!

    Secondly I have added brand new pages to the site, as well as updating those that already existed. For those interested in affiliates, and are already affiliates with FFD, I have added brand new link buttons to the page and also updated the rules and apply form. Feel free to apply if you have a fansite.


    New pages that have been added include:

    • Timeline – A timeline of moments in Danneel’s career as well as her personal life.
    • Hairspiration – Took me a while to set this up, but I thought it would be cool and helpful to set up a part of the site dedicated to Danneel’s many awesome hairstyles across the years. The are all separated into different links such as length and colour of hair, so have a look!
    • All in the Details – A page just describing 20 of Danneel’s outfits on the red carpet.
    • Downloads – This is a page that will be updated regularly. Right now there are a few avatar dolls for you to download. Perhaps use them as a tumblr sidebar, or icon!

    On the sidebar of the site, there are a few new widget’s including Catch Her On… a way to keep up with Danneel’s projects airing on TV.

    Thirdly I have launched the new Fans For Danneel shop! Here you can buy many buttons/badges and magnets with various Danneel related designs that have been created by me.


    You can also find a link to the shop in a widget on the main site. You can visit the shop here and let me know via Twitter if you buy any designs so we can share it with others!

    Lastly I have added a number of images to the gallery and also replaced previous LQ versions with HQ ones. I have also added pictures to the PCA’s 2013 and CCA’s 2014 albums depicting Danneel in the background of various shots. As I want a gallery that is a great reference, I decided to add these 🙂 Once again I have also replaced a few albums of screencaps of Danneel’s TV shows. Below is a full comprehensive list of what has been updated.

    That’s it for the update and I hope you guys all enjoy it! I hope to add another little something to the site within the coming week or two!

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